designed for small businesses

IPS and WAF in one place

We help small businesses with the system and network security solutions. Commercial tools today are either complicated to operate or prohibitively expensive to install for the majority of small businesses. We aim to change that. Our primary product is a software package that targets security in four critical areas in an online business:

  • Dynamic packet filtering
  • Intrusion Detection
  • System file baselining
  • Web application firewall
This multi-layer approach to security presents stronger capability in detecting threat vectors that would otherwise be difficult to identify.

Superior usability and value

Easy to use

Misconfiguration is among the top 5 reasons why websites are exploited. Configuring a secure server requires in-depth knowledge of the operating system and the network stack. This process can be intimidating for the small businesses. We keep your server secure so that you can focus on your business.


AwareOS is packaged in Deb file format that is an established software distribution mechanism in Debian and Ubuntu Linux environments. Our products are used in all three major cloud service providers and other co-located VPS environments.


With flexible monthly subscription plans and no long-term commitment, you can fit network security into your budget however you like. Our plans scale as your needs evolve. In fact, we are so confident that all our plans come with a 2-week free trial period.

IPS in simple terms

Intrusion protection system is an adaptive and risk-based response system to advanced threats using preventive and predictive models. In simple terms, it is a superior firewall with a pattern recognition system. In a system protected by an AwareOS IPS, these patterns are defined using both signatures and rules that eventually affect how the server processes network traffic.

IPS and WAF in one place

Multiple Layers of Defense

  • Packet filter stops unauthorized traffic before they reach services
  • IPS analyzes traffic and application log files to detect anomalies and blocks further attempts by perceived threats.
  • IDS periodically checks critical system files for evidence of tampering.
  • Final stage is the web application firewall where HTTP traffic is throttled and sanitized for DoS and other attacks